When will the first payment for my Swapfiets be collected?

In the first week of the month, we will collect the monthly fee from your account. When you receive your Swapfiets in the middle of a month, the first payment will take place the month after. This invoice will be higher than the normal monthly fee, because it includes the days from the month before and a prepayment for the month ahead. 

Example: you have the Deluxe 7 for 19,90€ per month and you pick-up your bike on April 20. This means that in May, you will pay 27,19€, in other terms 7,29€ for the 11 days of April and 19,90€ in advance for May.

Please note: if you have a subscription that can be canceled monthly, € 15 will also be deducted from the first invoice for the costs of this subscription. It is also possible that a surcharge has been deducted in addition to the subscription fee. For example, for losing a key.

If you want to check if the correct amount was collected, you can find it in your contract. Just go to https://account.swapfiets.com click subscriptions and download your contract :wink:. Have a nice day!

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