My bike is stolen. I didn't lock it. What happens next?

Sorry to hear that your bike is gone. Please make an appointment with us so we can bring you a new bike and file a police report for the missing bike together.

Please note that we charge a fee for the unlocked missing bike. 

Subscription  Established Compensation 
Original subscription €350.-
Deluxe subscription €450.-
Power 7 subscription €2000.- *

If the bike is found, we will refund you. The amount depends on the state of your bike. The maximum amount we can refund you is paid amount minus the excess deductible and the fee of the key. 

For instance: you still have a subscription with us and we find your missing Original bike. If the bike is not damaged we will refund an amount of €295.- (full paid amount minus the excess deductible and the key fee: €350-€40-€15 = €295).

* Kindly note that in case the battery is missing too, an amount of €500.- will be added to this price.



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